Meet the Top 10 Jacket Bloggers of April 2014

Now that spring is in full swing, you guys are probably clamoring for some ideas on how to dress up for this unpredictable season. You could be dressed in heavy winter clothing but suddenly find yourself sweating it out in the middle of the day. You could be decked out in your comfiest spring ensemble and find the air too blistering for your bare legs.

Don’t worry because we have some outfit ideas for you. We culled our favorite jacket outfits this April. Here are the bloggers whose style outputs are a well of inspiration:

1. Anastasiya from Russia



What we love most about this season is the parade of floral-printed outerwear. There’s nothing like a bright flowery outfit to lift up one’s mood. We’re keen on Anastasiya’s garden-themed coat. The green elements of the outfit gave her ensemble a fresh spring panache without being too girly.

2. Trini from Spain


As if Trini’s The Kooples leather jacket wasn’t covet-worthy enough already, she added a collared Sandro dress to the ensemble. The school-girl vibe of the dress clashed so well with the toughness of the leather, thereby creating a low-key but striking outfit.

3. Mizuho from Japan


Mizuho mixed prints and colors like a real pro in this outfit. Her cow-printed jacket interestingly looked good with the chic silhouette of her top, skirt, and shoes. Think lady-like with a splash of sporty.

4. Angelica from Italy


Angelica’s Andrea Turchi coat could probably save anyone from any cold weather fashion malady. Check out those floral appliqué details. It’s a nice deviation if one doesn’t fancy floral prints too much.

5. Branislava from Serbia



A gingham-printed trench coat? We’d take that any day! Branislava was head-to-toe gorgeous in this outfit. The trench coat seemed superbly made and gave her monochromatic look endless charm.

6. Margarita from Moscow, Russia


Margarita’s wardrobe is so enviable! We want to covet everything, including this Belucci coat that tied her floral and knitted day garb together.

7. Anik from Canada


Denim jackets are everywhere this season, but we find Anik’s denim jacket look a cut above the rest. The jacket gave her plaid pencil skirt and black top combination a more relaxed appeal.

8. Nikita from France


Here’s proof that leather jackets need not always look tough and edgy. Nikita downplayed its mannish vibe by wearing it with a bright orange skater skirt. The styling was also spot-on!

9. Ksenia from Russia


Who could resist Ksenia’s lavender jacket? We’d frolic in it outdoors to celebrate the increasingly warmer weather if it were up to us.

10. Jaffrene from Texas



You can still stuff your closet with long trench coats. Jaffrene’s look proves that this coat is still spring-appropriate. We love her two-tone piece and the way she wore it: with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a simple black tank top and a pair of mule sandals.

How do you like our April picks? Which outerwear is your favorite?

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