Contrast Embroidered Denim Jacket With Crew Neck and 5-Button Closure

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Quick! What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the words “embroidered” and “denim jacket”?

Are you reminded of the denim jacket you bedazzled when you were a kid? Some tacky, logo-ed out denim jacket they give to members of old people clubs? Or perhaps even an 80s acid-wash denim jacket with the sleeves ripped off and worthy of being featured on People of Walmart?

Whatever it is, stop thinking it because this embroidered denim jacket we’re featuring today is not the embroidered denim jacket that you think it is.

It’s actually an achingly cool embroidered jacket from TEXTILE Elizabeth and James, which as you may know is the trendy bohemian/vintage-inspired clothing label run by the cool twin “it” girls, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen.

So much chic-ness going on in that last sentence!

Here’s the TEXTILE Elizabeth and James embroidered denim jacket, which needs to have its own cool name soon.

TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Embroidered Denim Jacket, $395.00

TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Embroidered Denim Jacket

The embroidery is actually very subtle with just a hint of pastel-colored stitching here and there. It can hardly even be called embroidery because it’s barely there.

But its scarcity is exactly what gives this jacket its worn-in vintage coolness, a look that TEXTILE Elizabeth and James is known for.

This embroidered denim jacket features a crew neck and a 5-button closureThis embroidered denim jacket features a crew neck and a 5-button closure

They further play up that vibe by adding a light faded wash and mildly distressed details. They finish off the look by ripping out the collar after fade-washing it so it creates a round neckline with the original raw denim color.

It looks like a jacket you’ve had for years, but its clean lines and current cropped cut make it oh-so-modern.

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