Not Just Your Regular Denim Jackets – A Brief History

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The denim jacket has gone up and down the fashion cycle so many times that at this point, I think it has now attained the wardrobe staple status. A well-earned and well-deserved accolade, I might add, for the denim jacket also had to go through countless (and often not very pretty) transformations in the last 100 or more years since its creation in the late 1800s. We’ve seen the denim jacket remade, reworked, and redesigned into so many styles that seeing one now feels so normal, like it has always been there, a permanent fixture in the fashion background.

The denim jacket is practically a necessity now, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be basic, bland, or boring. Just like the fabric it is created out of, the denim jacket acts like a blank canvas with which the wearer can do whatever he or she pleases.

A denim jacket can be pretty, tough, frilly, boho, or haute couture, but it should never be ordinary. To get a clearer picture, here are six denim jackets that go beyond the design of the regular ol’ jean jacket.

Current/Elliott Majorette Denim Jacket in Washboard DestroyCurrent/Elliott Majorette Denim Jacket in Washboard Destroy, $142.39

Helmut Lang Denim Cadet JacketHelmut Lang Denim Cadet Jacket, $157.99

Diesel Lazys Jean Jacket
Diesel Lazys Jean Jacket, $181.51

Tigerlily Day Break Jacket
Tigerlily Day Break Jacket, $198.00

Shakuhachi Studded Denim Jacket
Shakuhachi Studded Denim Jacket, $119.00

Helmut Lang Black-Out Leather/Denim Jacket
Helmut Lang Black-Out Leather/Denim Jacket, $920.00

I’m loving the Tigerlily denim jacket, and I’m surprised that it’s “just” $198.00. For a design like that, I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive.

Which is your personal favorite? Would you rock the denim jacket this fall?


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