10 Essential Jacket Styles for Women to Elevate Your Wardrobe

No outfit is complete without a jacket. A tailored jacket can make a $20 dress look worth $1,000. Jackets are an easy way to elevate your style and incorporate both classic silhouettes and contemporary trends into your wardrobe rotation. Jackets … [Read More]

The Best Winter Jackets for 2023: Stay Warm and Stylish

A winter jacket is one of the best investments you can make in your fashion choices. Whether you’re a capsule closet devotee or stay on top of the latest trends, you need a winter jacket you can rely on. There are dozens of brands that dominate … [Read More]

How to Spot Fake North Face Jackets: 7 Best Authenticity Checks

Recognized for durability and style, The North Face is a go-to brand for consumers of different lifestyles. Mostly known for outdoor sportswear, the American clothing company also manufactures outerwear, shirts, footwear, and other equipment like … [Read More]

How To Spot Fake Moncler Jackets: 7 Easy Things To Check

Founded in 1952, Moncler is well known for its fusion of outerwear and luxury sportswear. The Italian clothing company creates a variety of apparel, including jackets, parkas, coats, shirts, and trousers for men, women, and children. Focusing on … [Read More]

Columbia’s 12 Warmest Winter Jackets for Men and Women

This is a unique winter for many reasons, but one of these reasons is the increasing amount of time people spend outdoors! Typically, as the cool weather rolls in, Americans begin their annual hibernation and avoid spending time outside. As an … [Read More]

What Is Eddie Bauer Known For? 6 Most Popular Jackets

Eddie Bauer is an American brand with over 100 years of heritage, making it a household name. The namesake brand was established by Eddie Bauer in Seattle, Washington, and has grown to almost 400 locations across the United States, Canada, and … [Read More]

Are Marmot Jackets Worth It? Everything You Need to Know

Marmot is an outdoor adventure brand with over 50 years of heritage, making it one of the most successful brands for winter jackets. Whether you’re a fan of mountain climbing or live in a colder climate, Marmot is a brand you need on your … [Read More]

How to Spot Fake Moose Knuckles Clothing and Jackets

When we think of Canadian winter clothing, Canada Goose and Moose Knuckles are the first brands that pop into our heads. While Canada Goose is known for its down-filled winter coats, lifestyle brand Moose Knuckles specializes in outerwear that … [Read More]

How to Spot Fake Mountain Hardwear Clothing and Jackets

Outerwear should give you the power to live boldly. That’s the mission of Mountain Hardwear. It’s a brand synonymous with outdoor adventure, whether you’re hiking at the weekend or going on a once-in-a-lifetime ski trip. Mountain Hardwear is a … [Read More]

How to Spot Fake Patagonia Clothing and Jackets

Patagonia is synonymous with outdoor adventures and sports. The brand creates clothing and gear “for the silent sports” with a focus on surfing, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and trail running. Patagonia is a brand known for its outdoor clothing … [Read More]

How to Spot Fake Columbia Clothing and Jackets: 3 Authenticity Checks

Few brands are as synonymous with sportswear and outdoor attire as Columbia. This American brand has led the way for almost 90 years in the industry, building a reputation for its high-quality waterproof jackets and ski apparel. Columbia is a … [Read More]

Isabel May Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Younger Doppelgänger

Known for her uncanny resemblance to Isabel May, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular actresses in the world. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Isabel May admitted she gets told she looks like Lawrence "all the time." It started … [Read More]

How to Tell Real vs Fake Canada Goose Jackets: 7 Authenticity Checks

If you've ventured outside in an area with a winter climate, you must have noticed the iconic red, white, and blue arm circular logo patches. Having become a fashion must-have in the past decade, Canada Goose's best-selling parkas and lightweight … [Read More]

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