Patagonia’s 10 Most Popular Jackets for Men and Women

If you’re a fan of outdoor living, the name ‘Patagonia’ is one that you’ll be familiar with. The American brand is famous for its outdoor apparel and has grown from its human roots in California to become an internationally acclaimed brand. They … [Read More]

11 Most Popular Canada Goose Jackets and Parkas For Men and Women

Canada Goose is one of the most notorious winter jacket and parka brands in the world. In fact, it’s arguably the number 1 brand! The Canadian luxury apparel label is known worldwide for its superior quality, distinct arctic logo badge, down … [Read More]

Columbia’s 12 Warmest Winter Jackets for Men and Women

This is a unique winter for many reasons, but one of these reasons is the increasing amount of time people are spending outdoors! Typically, as the cool weather rolls in, Americans begin their annual hibernation and avoid spending time … [Read More]

How To Tell Real vs Fake Canada Goose Jackets: 7 Authenticity Checks

If you've ventured outside in an area with a winter climate, you must have noticed the iconic red, white, and blue arm circular logo patches. Having become a fashion must-have in the past decade, Canada Goose's best-selling parkas and lightweight … [Read More]

How To Spot Fake Moncler Jackets: 7 Easy Things To Check

Founded in 1952, Moncler is well known for its fusion of outerwear and luxury sportswear. The Italian clothing company creates a variety of apparel including jackets, parkas, coats, shirts, and trousers for men, women, and children. Focusing on … [Read More]

How To Spot Fake Barbour Jackets: 7 Ways To Tell Knockoffs

Barbour is a well-loved English luxury brand known for its waxed cotton jackets. Founded in 1894 by John Barbour, this outstanding manufacturer has received the prestigious "Royal Stamp of Approval" by Queen Elizabeth. Barbour's top-selling … [Read More]

How To Spot Fake North Face Jackets: 7 Best Authenticity Checks

Recognized for durability and style, The North Face is a go-to brand for consumers of different lifestyles. Mostly known for outdoor sportswear, the American clothing company also manufactures outerwear, shirts, footwear, and other equipment like … [Read More]

9 Chic Ways To Style Cape Coats and Jackets: What To Wear

Cape coats have been ubiquitous on and off the red carpet as of late. And with many big fashion houses incorporating it in their collections, it has become the “it” outerwear of the season. If you are still unsure about investing in this piece, … [Read More]

What To Wear With Army Green Military Jackets: 9 Outfit Ideas

Our intent is not to beat the same drum over and over again. However, enough cannot be said about the military’s influence on the world of fashion. Like many of you, I proudly have a closet full of army green pieces. Trench coat, pea coat, bomber … [Read More]

How To Choose The Right Bomber Jacket: Men’s Style Guide

Adapted from early military use, the bomber jacket is a time-honored classic that has stood the test of time, and in today’s modern fashion world, it carries some very meaningful style connotations with it. Picking up a lot of steam in the late … [Read More]

How To Clean & Store Canada Goose Parka Jackets at Home

Believe it or not (it's often not easy), winter will eventually come to an end. It's important to store your Canada Goose parka jacket during the warmer months, as keeping your coat compressed for a long period of time will reduce its ability to … [Read More]

What To Wear With a Vest: 8 Best Outfits For Women

Vests are probably the most underrated outerwear. They’re underappreciated and underused. But they can actually amp up the style factor in any ensemble. They are also seasonless and versatile, making them a great investment for your wardrobe. If … [Read More]

What Jackets To Wear With Dresses: 4 Best Fail-Safe Outfits

Jackets and dresses; can the two go together in the same outfit? Other than to keep you warm as you make your way to a party you've been invited to, can you stylishly wear a jacket over your dress without counting the seconds until you can rip it … [Read More]

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