How to Tell Real vs Fake Canada Goose Jackets: 7 Authenticity Checks

If you've ventured outside in an area with a winter climate, you must have noticed the iconic red, white, and blue arm circular logo patches. Having become a fashion must-have in the past decade, Canada Goose's best-selling parkas and lightweight … [Read More]

11 Best Canada Goose Jackets and Parkas for Men and Women

Canada Goose is one of the most notorious winter jacket and parka brands in the world. In fact, it’s arguably the number 1 brand! The Canadian luxury apparel label is known worldwide for its superior quality, distinct arctic logo badge, down … [Read More]

How To Spot Fake Moncler Jackets: 7 Easy Things To Check

Founded in 1952, Moncler is well known for its fusion of outerwear and luxury sportswear. The Italian clothing company creates a variety of apparel, including jackets, parkas, coats, shirts, and trousers for men, women, and children. Focusing on … [Read More]

10 Best Canada Goose Vests and Lightweight Jackets for Men and Women

The “in-between” seasons can be the most challenging to dress for. Days often fluctuate from cool and windy to mild and sunny. Spring and fall temperatures can get low, but not low enough to wear your winter parka. And for those who are lucky … [Read More]

How to Spot Fake North Face Jackets: 7 Best Authenticity Checks

Recognized for durability and style, The North Face is a go-to brand for consumers of different lifestyles. Mostly known for outdoor sportswear, the American clothing company also manufactures outerwear, shirts, footwear, and other equipment like … [Read More]

The 8 Warmest Carhartt Winter Jackets and Coats for Men and Women

Baby, it’s cold outside. Halloween has been and gone. We’re counting down the days to the holiday season – which means only one thing. It’s time to invest in a winter jacket. You want one that can do it all, from your morning commute to holiday … [Read More]

The 8 Warmest Canada Goose Jackets and Coats for Men and Women

There are few nations that know how to survive freezing temperatures better than Canada. Many parts of the country are subject to temperatures as low as -40°F during the winter months, which means Canadian outerwear brands take their craft … [Read More]

The 10 Best Lightweight Rain Jackets for Men and Women

As the infamous Dolly Parton once said, “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Although she likely meant this figuratively, you can take it literally as well. In the spring and summer, when showers are more frequent, you … [Read More]

The 7 Best Women’s Jackets and Warmest Coats for Fall 2022

There’s a change in the air. The temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin spice lattes are making a return. It’s time to retire your summer wardrobe and get ready for fall. Whether you’re a capsule closet fan or want to update your fall wardrobe, … [Read More]

The 15 Most Famous Movie Jackets in Hollywood Film History

It’s interesting to think about some of the things that remain prescient in the public conscious, especially when it comes to cinema. Some films become a part of a greater canon of pop-culture history, while other movies fade away into … [Read More]

11 Waterproof Columbia Rain Jackets for Men and Women

As spring approaches, many of us are bracing for rain. Rainy spring days often outnumber the sunny ones, and in the summer, torrential downpours can happen at a moment’s notice. Don’t let the rain ruin your plans and keep you trapped indoors. With … [Read More]

Columbia’s 16 Warmest Fleece Jackets for Men, Women and Kids

As arguably one of the softest and coziest materials, fleece is the secret ingredient to high-quality jackets that will keep you both warm and dry. Well-known brands specializing in outdoor apparel have been using fleece to make sweaters, jackets, … [Read More]

Canada Goose’s 9 Warmest Bomber Jackets to Buy in 2022

When it comes to outerwear, no brand does it better than Canada Goose. It’s the ultimate splurge purchase for your closet and an easy way to elevate your everyday style. Canada Goose is a Toronto-based brand with over 60 years of heritage as one … [Read More]

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