Top 10 Jacket Looks of Fashion Bloggers for June 2013 Part 1/2

Jackets, jackets, jackets – they’re pretty abundant in winter, so culling awesome jacket looks during the long winter months is evidently a no-brainer. But what about now in the thick of June summer heat? Is there anything to see?

Yes, there is! It’s such an amazing month full of beautiful ladies wearing enviable outerwear. Let’s check out the first five bloggers who made it to this month’s top 10 jacket looks:

1. Karen from South Korea


Vests! They are your all-around summer layering solution. We couldn’t help but fall head-over-heels in love with Karen’s houndstooth-printed vest, which matches with her adorable midi skirt. It’s definitely a classic look that will work for different ages.

2. Esra from Bayern


Acid-washed denim jackets should have a permanent spot in your wardrobe. You can play it up with different styles like ’90s grunge or ’80s eclectic mix. I adore Esra’s acid-washed denim jacket worn over a vintage-style polka-dotted dress. The effect is so quaint and cute!

3. Kendall from California


Kendall’s edgy rivet jacket is all that one needs to punch up a summer outfit! White jackets go so well with everything – including tropical printed pants like what Kendall is wearing in this photo.

4. Rox from Texas


I can’t even begin to describe this jacket from Rox. There is definitely something rococo going on here, but it is made more feminine with those pleats at the hem. Rox also gave it more personality by pairing it with a yellow top and an attention-grabbing feather skirt.

5. Joanne from London


A cross between a raincoat and a jacket. That’s what Joanne’s wearing. As if it isn’t adorable enough as it is, it even has dog prints. Cute!

You know the drill. See the other 5 bloggers who made their way to our top 10 here.


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