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Top 10 Jacket Looks of Fashion Bloggers for July 2013 Part 1/2

July came by in a blur of one awesome jacket after another. As we say hello to August (where did time go?), we round up 10 of the best outfits featuring covet-worthy jackets we have seen this month. Ready for the first 5? Check out these bloggers: 1. Mickylene from California We haven’t seen a […]

10 Under $150 Fall Jackets to Just Throw On and Forget About!

Do you know what’s one of the best things about dressing up for the fall/winter? The fact that you can wear your plainest clothes and still look like you gave your outfit some thought just by throwing on a jacket. The jacket we’re referring to, of course, is the type that can jazz up, play […]

6126 by Lindsay Lohan Fall 2010 Outerwear

Let’s forget the courtroom drama for a minute, and take a look at the other facets of Lindsay Lohan, particularly her fashion designer and business woman side. Pieces from the fall 2010 collection of her 6126 label (so called to represent Marilyn Monroe’s June 1, 1926 birth date) have finally arrived at a couple of […]

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