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Olivia Palermo is Regal in Jacquard Jacket and Zara sandals

Olivia Palermo’s impeccable style is what made her a staple in society pages and celebrity websites. Even people who don’t follow NY society know her simply because she’s always invited to special events and featured in fashion websites. She has also become an in-demand stylist for special projects. Olivia Palermo may very well be a […]

Amazing Spring Jackets — Take Your Pick from These Fabulous Finds!

Spring is already felt in some parts of the world. If the snow is thawing out, the leaves sprouting in branches, and the frigid temperature going balmy and fresh where you live, it is time to bring out your spring essentials. Jackets are still indispensable. The spring season can be bipolar, and you need something […]

Milan Fashion Week Trend Alert: Make a Statement with Your Outerwear

With the near departure of winter and the impending arrival of spring, one can hardly be blamed for wanting to think ahead to the upcoming season and the wardrobe changes that come along with it. However, is it entirely foolish to think as far ahead as next winter? No, absolutely not! If our most beloved […]

How to Wear a Jacket over a Dress

Jackets and dresses; can the two go together in the same outfit? Other than to keep you warm as you make your way to a party you’ve been invited to, can you stylishly wear a jacket over your dress without counting the seconds until you can rip it off? Our answer: Yes, you absolutely can! […]

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