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Top 10 Jacket Bloggers of November 2013 (Part 2/2)

Craving for more inspiring blogger outfits? We have just the remedy for you. You’ve already seen the first five bloggers whose eye for style never fails to impress us. Now, here are five more: 6. Madara from Latvia Why go for black when you can go for red? A pop of color is just the […]

Top 10 Jacket Bloggers of November 2013 (Part 1/2)

Because the cold season is upon us, we’ve been saturated with striking blogger outfits featuring the most enviable outerwear. We are not complaining, though. We are only too happy to stalk our favorite bloggers and see what they’ve been wearing. These bloggers did an awesome job in styling their outerwear: 1. Prisca from Hong Kong […]

Looking for Something to Keep You Warm in Winter? Make It Quilt!

We all need something or someone to keep us warm, especially now that the cold months are here. And because finding a coat offers far less drama than the latter, here is one of our favorite jacket trends this season — quilt! Now, if you’ve never had a quilt jacket before, we can understand why; […]

Top 10 Jacket Looks of Fashion Bloggers for June 2013 Part 1/2

Jackets, jackets, jackets – they’re pretty abundant in winter, so culling awesome jacket looks during the long winter months is evidently a no-brainer. But what about now in the thick of June summer heat? Is there anything to see? Yes, there is! It’s such an amazing month full of beautiful ladies wearing enviable outerwear. Let’s […]

Miranda Kerr Loves Her Shades of Gray!

The numbers are in! Miranda Kerr has been named Australia’s Most Searched Celebrity for 2012 according to Bing. No surprise there, the Victoria’s Secret model is one of the Land Down Under’s most prized exports, along with Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and, of course, Orlando Bloom. Miranda has been staying in New York as of […]

Your Coat Rack: Our Top 10 Jackets for Fall 2012

Finally, it’s coat season! Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year when you realize that your chic cardigan isn’t enough to battle the cold weather. If you can’t dig out anything fabulous from the back of your closet, then maybe it’s time to get something new (and even more fabulous!) this year. Just like […]

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