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Celebrities Show 10 Ways to Wear a Jacket Over Your Shoulders

Wearing a jacket over the shoulders is a massive trend this year. Some have embraced the trend with open arms and open minds, while others just raised their brows and mused why some people have aversion to sleeves. If you have already tried wearing your jacket over your shoulders, you probably have an idea as […]

Top 10 Jacket Looks of Fashion Bloggers for July 2013 Part 1/2

July came by in a blur of one awesome jacket after another. As we say hello to August (where did time go?), we round up 10 of the best outfits featuring covet-worthy jackets we have seen this month. Ready for the first 5? Check out these bloggers: 1. Mickylene from California We haven’t seen a […]

Top 10 Jacket Looks of Fashion Bloggers for June 2013 Part 2/2

Have you seen the first part of this “top 10 jacket looks for June” post? Those ladies were impressive with their outfits, weren’t they? If you still need more style inspiration, we have five more bloggers below. 6. Melisa from Slovakia A striking oversized red blazer amidst all the white in this ensemble? We were […]

Your Coat Rack: Our Top 10 Jackets for Fall 2012

Finally, it’s coat season! Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year when you realize that your chic cardigan isn’t enough to battle the cold weather. If you can’t dig out anything fabulous from the back of your closet, then maybe it’s time to get something new (and even more fabulous!) this year. Just like […]

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