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Your Guide to Rockin’ Colorful Coats for Fall 2013

Do you want to add instant style to your fall/winter 2013 wardrobe? We’ve got just the thing — bright, colorful coats! Ladies, we hear you. How can one article of clothing change your look for two whole seasons? It’s possible! Here are some style tips to help you out: 1. Choose a coat in a classic […]

4 Tips and Tricks: How to Look Fab During the Rainy Season

It’s really hard to look stylish when you find yourself faced with torrential rains and winds. Your safety remains the number one priority, which is why it’s important to not let yourself get wet during the rainy season to avoid illnesses, such as the flu. Here are some tips to avoid looking like you’ve taken […]

5 Super Cool Yet Super Warm Men’s Jackets

Is it just me, or do men’s jackets seem to be warmer compared to women’s jackets? Yes, we have our leathers, wools, fleeces, and sheepskins, too, but somehow, I feel like those materials are a bit warmer when they’re made as men’s jackets! I think it’s because I associate being warmer with being swathed in […]

Kate Middleton’s Nike Windproof Anorak Isn’t Sold Out Yet!

Kate Middleton, with her high-profile Canadian/US tour just wrapped up, is selling as-seen-on-her clothes faster than you can say “style icon.” Everything she wore on her tour was documented, identified, and written about almost as soon as she stepped out wearing them! One of those clothes was this seemingly simple jacket, which she wore during […]

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