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Kim Kardashian Bunldes Up in Max Mara Wool and Angora Coat

Kim Kardashian’s attire when she left her Manhattan apartment yesterday was the epitome of irony. She bundled up in a heavy maxi coat to fend off the cold but kept a part of her tummy, her legs and her feet conspicuously bare. It kind of made us think it defeated the purpose of the coat. […]

How to Wear Pink Coats – 5 Ways Fashion Bloggers Style Them

Pink is the must-have color of this year’s fall and winter seasons. You read that right. Not black. Not green. But pink. It’s not even spring yet so why the sudden bloom of this saccharine color? Sugary pink color in coats has become a rave item these days with so many stores pushing it in […]

Lea Michele Returns to Glee in a Pink Coat Dress After Cory Monteith’s Death

Ever since Cory Monteith’s untimely demise, a lot of people have been wondering how Lea Michele will ever come back to Glee and reprise her role as Rachel Berry. I imagined a solemn occasion where Rachel would be sporting a somber ensemble. But it looks like Rachel wants to chase the gloom away and opted […]

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