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Katie Holmes in Bird by Juicy Couture Blazer for Beach Outing with Suri

Everyone’s up in arms over these photos of Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri Cruise, at the beach taken last Memorial Day weekend. Internet folks are lambasting Katie Holmes not only for wearing heels on the beach but also for making 5-year-old Suri wear heels while playing in the sand — or wear heels at […]

Modern and Sophisticated Bird by Juicy Couture Jackets

I was surprised to see the name “Juicy Couture” attached to these jackets. Don’t these look NOTHING like Juicy Couture at all? There are none of the bright beachy colors, huge logos emblazoned down the legs, and not even any of the velour. What we have instead are sophisticated silhouettes, modern cuts, and smartly placed […]

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