Top 10 Jacket Bloggers of December 2013 (Part 1/2)

This month, we seek the refuge of thick outerwear, oversized coats, and cozy jackets to keep the chill at bay. More often than not, we see people who do it in style. It’s definitely the season to take advantage of the wealth of striking jackets, coats, and capes to amplify one’s ensemble.

We’ve been spying on the blogosphere, and here are the bloggers who won our hearts over with their notable outfits:

1. Megan from California


We’ve always recommended a dose of color to cure a serious monochrome malaise. Something like a neon coat would do well in giving a look that extra ounce of cuteness. Megan did just that with her Forever 21 swing coat. Her cheery yellow coat provided a sharp but eye-catching contrast to her two-tone shirtdress.

2. Martyna from Poland


There’s something about basic pieces that draw us. For example, we find the simple knitted sweater and pinstripe pants outfit that Martyna wore to be very chic, especially with that gray coat. Such a look can never get old.

3. Kathleen from San Francisco, California



Treasure a good leather jacket for it will serve you well in the fashion department. It’s a quick add-on to ensembles that you need not think it through. It just blends in well no matter what your style is. Take a cue from San Francisco–based blogger Kathleen, who rocked her sleek brown leather jacket to perfection.

4. Aneta from Warsaw, Poland


Every month, we find ourselves including printed coats, especially those with big houndstooth prints, on our list. They are great to wear when you are looking for just a touch of quirkiness to an outfit. We are particularly smitten with Anetka’s coat, which she wore with a pink cable-knitted sweater, a pair of pants, and a pair of booties.

5. Pierluigi from Italy


Bundled up in one of the most interesting coats we have seen in a while is Pierluigi. Need we say more about his zipped-up coat and its interesting lapel detail? His photo speaks for itself.

More of your favorite bloggers are featured in the second half of this post.

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