Rita Ora Is Groovy in a ’60s Look

We’re convinced Rita Ora can pull off any look. The British singer is one stylish woman who is not afraid to try all kinds of looks even when she’s not on stage performing. She wears dresses just as comfortably as she does pants. She can go for a wild, fun look one day and then put on a conservative look the next. And it’s not just her clothes that make Rita fab; she is also a queen when it comes to accessorizing.

When she went to Groucho Club a few days ago, the singer looked groovy in her ’60s look:

Rita-Ora-heads- leaves-Groucho- club-and-heads-for-the-Dorchester-hotel Rita Ora leaving Groucho Club and heading for The Dorchester hotel, London, England, May 10, 2013

The singer had on a black mini dress and a Kate Spade coat with a geometric print. Kate Spade has three other coat designs out in the market that have the ’60s vibe. Groovy. Check them out:

Kate-Spade-New-York-Pierce-Tweed-Coat Kate Spade Pierce Tweed Coat, $519.99


Kate-Spade-Franny-Checkered-Coat Kate Spade Franny Checkered Coat, $316


Kate-Spade-New-York-Franny-Coat Kate Spade Franny Coat, $698

Photo Credit: WENN.com