The Denim Jacket Revisited

The evolution of the denim jacket is one that spans decades. A child of the ’80s, I recall the peak of popularity for denim around the birth of the breakdance movement as well as the emerging dominance of street style and culture.

This featured piece has truly progressed from its original style. If you were asked to close your eyes and picture a denim jacket, most of you (myself included) would immediately conjure up images of the classic model usually containing sharp collars and five copper buttons running down the front with the obligatory breast pockets under each shoulder.

In today’s modern world of fashion, opting to purchase the perfect denim jacket now invokes some serious thought and careful consideration as the available choices are vast. In recent years, we have been introduced to innovative pieces, such as the denim biker with its zippered front, wide lapels, and side pockets. Another model garnering some due recognition is the denim bomber, which will likely offer a loose-fitting silhouette and a gartered waist. Other noteworthy styles include denim blazers, colored denim, printed versions, and fabric-blocked jackets containing elements of leather and/or suede.

A denim jacket is and should be considered a staple piece in every man’s wardrobe. Why, you ask? Not only can it stand alone in warmer climates and be layered with other pieces in colder ones; it also happens to be one of the few, if not the only, outerwear jackets that can fit accordingly with virtually any outfit. For example, it can be paired nicely with sports-luxe pieces like hoodies, joggers, and trainers. It works nicely with casual items like t-shirts, shorts, and deck shoes. To some degree, it even teams beautifully with formal garments like button-down shirts, ties, and trousers.

I can think of no other jacket that can shoulder this level of style and responsibility. Can you?

So, if you are ready to add something different to your wardrobe, why not start with one of these featured denim pieces?

Iridium Biker Jacket Iridium Biker Jacket, $275


Penguin Chambray Blazer Penguin Chambray Blazer, $195


J Brand Owen Jacket J Brand Owen Jacket, $476