Spring Jackets from Shopbop — Take Your Pick from These Fabulous Finds!

Spring is already felt in some parts of the world. If the snow is thawing out, the leaves sprouting in branches, and the frigid temperature going balmy and fresh where you live, it is time to bring out your spring essentials.

Jackets are still indispensable. The spring season can be bipolar, and you need something to keep you warm during those colder days without compromising your style. Lucky for us, Shopbop is saturated with hot and cute spring jackets. Expect this list to be teeming with floral prints and pastel colors.

spring jacket1

a. Addison Rivington Jacket, $198
b. Roseanna Iggy Floral Oversized Jacket, $595
c. Pencey Mia Jacket, $220

spring jacket2

d. Sea Star Blazer, $359
e. Theysken’s Theory Manie Fluster Jacket, $1,895
f. Sea Silk & Knit Windbreaker, $449

spring jacket3

g. Nicholas Tapestry Print Denim Moto Jacket, $690
h. Candela Lanister Jacket, $473
i. Pencey Reflected Floral Cocktail Jacket, $224

spring jacket4

j. Vera Wang Collection Cropped Sleeveless Jacket, $1,950
k. Rebecca Minkoff Sanderson Tweed Bomb Jacket, $528
l. Free People Meadow Jacket, $148

Pair them up with your spring dresses, or go with something more comfy like a pair of high-waist shorts. Play with colors and prints. Spring is the season to don fresh and girly ensembles!