Top 10 Jacket Outfits of Fashion Bloggers for March 2013 Part 1/2

Outerwear of all sorts is indispensable for winter. There is no shortage of awesome jackets from where we sourced today’s favorite blogger looks post. As we bid goodbye to winter, we do a recap of the looks we have seen on the streets this month — from bloggers who are not afraid to showcase their personal styles.

Many are already kick-starting spring with their lighter and, not to mention, more colorful outerwear, but before we embrace those looks with open arms, let’s recall what was hot when the weather still called for thicker garments.

1. Elle-May from Australia

Elle May March 2013 Blogger

Elle-May looks super cool in her ’90s-inspired outfit. The jacket is overflowing with character, especially when teamed up with her lace romper, lace-up boots, and oversized sunnies. This photo is pulsing with life!

2. Ashley from Arkansas

Ashley March 2013 Blogger

Spring is definitely knocking on our doors by the look of Ashley from Ashley Treece’s outfit. Her printed jacket and shorts combo is a reminder that colorful stuff will saturate everything. Ashley’s jacket and shorts look like they have been painted by a famous artist. You’ll definitely be a walking piece of art wearing them.

3. Adenorah from Paris

Adenorah March 2013 Blogger

When you attend fashion week and rub shoulders with the most fashionable in the fashion industry, it is only customary that you put your best foot forward. Adenorah sure killed it with this outfit. She went monochrome with an all-white ensemble and spiced it up a bit with her leopard-printed coat.

4. Mirella from Poland

Mirella March 2013 Blogger

Mirella was a vision in print in this outfit. When she decided to don print, she went all out. She did not stop at wearing printed pants. She mixed it up with a printed jacket and a printed bag. I would find this busy on a normal day, but the color palette is very monochrome so your eyes will really appreciate the look. Her jacket is also quite versatile. I can see this worn with denim and still look cohesive.

5. Lidka from Poland

Lidka March 2013 Blogger

Who wouldn’t have a mad crush on this outfit? It looks so comfy but stylish at the same time, and that’s something you don’t always see in an ensemble. The pair of printed pants is a whisper of spring, while the jacket keeps the whole outfit winter appropriate. It’s also notable that Lidka kept her accessories minimal.

How do you like these looks? What do you think of the bloggers’ choice of jackets? Got a favorite? We still have more bloggers to feature, so check out the second part of our featured bloggers post for March.