Men’s Guide: How to Style a Biker Jacket

One of my favorite style subjects, which I have recently parlayed into my writing, is featuring select pieces and showing them in a non-evident way. Today’s item of discussion is the infamous, time-transcending biker jacket.

When I hear the term “biker jacket,” I am immediately greeted with feelings of nostalgia as I fondly recall The Fonz from the beloved sitcom Happy Days. I can picture him now, strutting into Al’s Diner in his staple black biker jacket, fresh white tee, and faded blue denims. To describe his outfit in one word — casual. Like me, I’m sure a great number of you think a biker jacket best suits a casual ensemble as that is what we have been exposed to. However, thanks in large part to some forward-thinking bloggers who thrive on pushing fashion boundaries, my eyes have been opened to the different styles this featured piece can carry.

Biker Jacket Collage 1

Biker Jacket Collage 2

Let’s jump in and take a look at some of these.

The Casual Look

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? You can never go wrong with the classic pairing of a white tee and a vintage-inspired biker jacket, as you see here on Joshua Kissi. For an added edge, he finished the look with a simple burgundy toque. In my humble opinion, no one does street sophistication better than the lads of STREET ETIQUETTE. They have been a huge source of sartorial inspiration for me as they create the benchmark for combining high fashion, vintage wear, and highly coveted street flair.

Joshua Kissi

Joshua Kissi from Street Etiquette

The Sporty Look

A biker jacket can also combine well with sport-inspired pieces to create an edgy, sports-luxe appeal. As shown below, the always-trendy Prince Pelayo (Kate Loves Me) opted to play up his jacket in a sporty ensemble by fixing it with a black hoodie, a plain white tee, joggers, and a pair of sneakers. This is the perfect comfy outfit for running errands around town.

Prince Pelayo

Prince Pelayo from Kate Loves Me

The Smart Casual Look

Leave it to the fellas of The BKc (The Brooklyn Circus) to show us how to properly stage a biker jacket in a smart casual outfit. Along with a vintage-style, fabric-blocked jacket, they chose to match it with a simple white button-down shirt, a leather waist belt, a pair of camo trousers, and a newsboy cap to pay homage to the old school — a completely magazine-worthy ensemble!

The Brooklyn Circus

The Brooklyn Circus

The Formal Look

Yes, absolutely yes, a biker jacket can indeed work beautifully in a formal setting. Lou (Dapper Lou) has made a believer out of me with this jaw-dropping ensemble. A creative play on shades of blue, he decided to go with a chic denim biker jacket and to combine it with a striped button-down dress shirt, a checked printed necktie, and a white suit vest. Absolutely fabulous!

Lou from Dapper Lou

Lou from Dapper Lou

Here are some extra details for you to consider.

The Colored Jacket

In this spring/summer friendly rendition of a biker jacket, Prince Pelayo opts for a vest model in light pastel shades of brown, green, and pink. Now, here’s one for discussion.

Kate Loves Me Colored

Prince Pelayo from Kate Loves Me

The Printed Jacket

Prince Pelayo makes another appearance sporting my favorite biker jacket at the moment. He chose to match the quilted, floral-printed biker with an olive-colored henley sweatshirt, similarly hued trousers, and a pair of low-cut Dr. Marten’s shoes.

Kate Loves Me Printed

Prince Pelayo from Kate Loves Me

With all of these available options out there, we hope you find one or two that tickle your fancy. To further help you come up with your own ensemble, below are some of our favorite pieces you can start with:

Balenciaga Biker Jacket

Balenciaga Biker Jacket, $2,950.00

John Varvatos Knit Biker Jacket

John Varvatos Knit Biker Jacket, $179.00

Ann Demeulemeester Leather Moto Jacket

Ann Demeulemeester Leather Moto Jacket, $4,045.00

Iridium Red Biker Jacket

Iridium Red Biker Jacket, $275.00