How to Wear a Blazer Dress Like Rihanna

Continuing with her promotional duties for her new movie Battleship, Rihanna was seen heading to the BBC Radio One Studios in London wearing a Stella McCartney printed blazer and not much else.



RihannaRihanna leaving the Mandarin Hotel and headed to promote Battleship at the BBC Radio One Studios in London, England on March 29, 2012

Rihanna has been donning a lot of risqué outfits lately, hasn’t she? This one-bend-over-away-from-a-wardrobe-malfunction outfit could even be considered as “covered up” if you compare it to that strange see-through sweater she wore to dine at a restaurant.

We actually think Rihanna could have completely gotten away with wearing this blazer as a dress, especially once you see that the blazer is styled as a dress in the Stella McCartney Evening 2012 lookbook.

Stella McCartney Evening 2012 lookbookStella McCartney Evening 2012 Printed Silk Shawl Blazer

However, Rihanna decided to do away with the inner top. So, while the jacket-as-a-dress look toed the line of cool and edgy in the lookbook, it looks more like “I forgot my pants at home” on Rihanna.

Would YOU consider wearing a jacket as a dress like Rihanna?

If you ask us, the answer would be “yes,” but only if the jacket is cut more like a dress like this piece from Rachel Zoe:

Rachel Zoe Cameron Tux Dress, $346.50 (before: $495.00)

You don’t have to worry about your boobs falling out or your butt peeking out in the jacket/dress. You’ll find this dress at Shopbop where it’s also been marked 30% off.

Rihanna’s Stella McCartney blazer is from a yet-to-be-released collection, so it’s not available yet. But do expect it to drop at the usual designer retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Farfetch.



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